Frequently Asked Questions

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1.)  What does each kit include?

Answer:  All the steel necessary to complete your home’s exterior shell, including framing for walls and roof, steel siding and roof panels, full color trim package, framing and panel screws, and even our integrated concrete forming system. 

2.)  How long does it take to construct one of these kits?

Answer:  This depends on the pace you set as a builder. However, once concrete is poured, standard completion time for the average builder is usually 2-to-3 weeks. In a hurry? Follow our Assembly Course, and it is no stretch to say that you and two other people can assemble your kit in as little as a week! 

3.)  Do I need special training or equipment to assemble my home kit?

Answer:  Not at all. In short, anyone can do it by simply following the straightforward steps of the Genesis Assembly Course. All necessary tools and equipment are listed in the supplementary materials of the Ordering Information Bundle. 

4.)  Why buy Genesis kits rather than other DIY home kits?

Answer:  We offer the most affordable high-quality owner-built home kits on the market. Other kits don’t include wall or roof metal - OURS DO. Other kits require welding or professional installation - OURS DON’T. Other kit companies don’t offer assistance packages to help you get started - WE DO! And we still cost less! 

5.)  As far as payment, what is required and when?

Answer:  To receive the full how-to Genesis Assembly Course as well as floor plans and the rest of the Ordering Information Bundle, a 10% deposit is required. Our building technique is relatively simple, but unique. And the Genesis Assembly Course contains our highly-guarded proprietary information. We are careful not to disseminate this information freely.

Once you have read the Assembly Course, are comfortable with construction methods we employ, and have chosen a final floor plan and color combinations, you are ready to send in your order. Because these home kits are cut to your specifications and are special order items, payment of the remaining balance is required before shipment. To keep our costs (and therefore our prices) low, we do not accept nor offer CODs. 
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