Built Stronger. By You.

Genesis™ offers ONLY the highest quality American-made steel components.  No utility grade.  No seconds.  Each element is engineered to meet or exceed industry standards in construction design.  Components are also cut to length specifically for your order.

Here you can see some of the primary building components; however, these do not constitute the entirety of your order.  Units such as wall and roof panels and trim are not shown.  The elements shown are:

   •  structural components for exterior frame
   •  made of galvanized #1 American steel
   •  far superior to standard wood framing
   •  relatively light-weight and easy to use
   •  warp-, termite-, and flame-retardant

For more details about what each Genesis Home Kit™ includes, visit our FAQs page or fill out our contact form to request complementary information.  We do our best to answer your questions quickly and concisely.  As it pertains to proprietary information, some details are only available to customers.

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